Become Her

You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.

Your work then, my dear, is to become the woman who is ready for her dream life, today.

Not once the partner shows up…

Not once the money shows up…

Not once you’re living your dream life…

But today. 

In this three part experience, you’ll  get instant access to 3.5 hours of practices designed to show you how to become her… today.

Which is actually how you manifest + attract what you desire to you!


Get ready to learn: 

★ How to master personal power (no more needing external validation!)

★ How to move forward when you feel stuck

★ How to move beyond the 7 major blocks that prevent you from getting what you want

★ How to play in the quantum field + play with multiple timelines

★ Crafting and mastering your personal daily embodiment practice

★ How to motivate yourself (when you’re so not feeling it)

★ The power of appreciation (and how to become a magnet for more)

★ Taking the right aligned action for you


And you’ll receive instant + lifetime access to: 

★ a 3 part video training outlining everything you need to know in order to EMBODY the woman of your dreams (spoiler alert: which is actually how you manifest what you desire)

★ Journal prompts to support you in integrating the work (it’s NOT enough to just watch the trainings) 

★ The information + tools to support you in finally getting what you want… for the rest of your life! (This process is meant to be duplicated over and over and over again as you continuously uplevel and manifest what you want!) 


You go first. The Universe matches your lead!

I believe that you are meant to have everything your heart desires.

It’s time for YOU to believe it too and take action towards your desires as if they are inevitable!

Because they are.



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Words of Praise for Become Her: 

“Thank you thank you THANK YOU for doing Become Her. Such a powerful training, more than worth the small amount of time invested to listen. Now to embody the knowledge!! Thank you, dear one, for living your dharma every single day, whether you feel like it or not. Thank you for letting us be part of your journey. You are such a brightly shining light!” – Michelle


“I’ve experienced a life saving transformation over the last few weeks and I’ve become her.  I’ve been following Emyrald since she started her travels on 2021. I listened to podcasts and practiced gratitude but it never really sunk in. This year I realized that settling for a “not bad” relationship, keeping casual contracts for multiple jobs (just in case) and always seeking validation from others was all stealing my joy. I remember listening to Emyrald’s 3 day masterclass about 4 weeks ago and mentally things just fell into place. I felt peace about my decision to end what others all called a good, safe relationship, I resigned from my ‘safety net’ jobs to focus on one that I’m loving and I stepped into my power. I know that everything is working out for my greatest good as I just take the next step as its revealed to me. I am…for want of a better phrase…independently happy. I am single but complete and I’ve never felt like that. I’m am calm but energized. Thank you Emyrald. I’m maintaining my daily practice, I’m focusing on me and letting everything else fall into place as I walk into my future ✌️💚😎” – Maria


“I’m leading myself towards happier, successful, fulfilled and exited version of myself. I choose to take care of myself and what I actually desire instead of putting everyone else first and trying to figure out what they will think or say about my actions. I can’t wait to #becomeher – confident, happier, successful and passionate woman with fantastic and supportive soulmate and with high-paid position where I am valued and appreciated for what I am and do! Thank you Emyrald Sinclaire for these inspiring sessions! ✨” – Milena


Become Her