Flirt – I Don’t Chase. I Attract!

Flirt [ flurt ]

verb (used without object)

I want to redefine the first definition: to act amorously without serious intentions

Instead: to act with love without expectation. 


That is flirting! To live with your heart open. To give and receive love without needing an interaction to turn into a date… without needing a date to turn into a relationship… without needing a relationship to turn into a marriage.. without needing a marriage to turn into a lifetime.


Can you live with an open heart, no matter what?

Can you give and receive love, no matter what? Can you exude the energy of self-love and self-confidence no matter what happens externally?

To me, that is embodying the practices of being a Flirt! 

(And it’s also what leads to lasting love, my dear.) 


Flirt – I don’t chase, I attract! 

This program is a 3 week experience where your feminine energy will be activated! You’ll learn how to tap into your pleasure and allow yourself to receive so much more than ever before! You’ll unleash the power of what it means to be a woman! You’ll understand how to become a flirt and attract everything you desire to you! 

Flirt includes 7 recorded trainings with the opportunity to upgrade to 21 days Voxer support, where we are going to:

  •  create a strong foundation of self love,
  • cultivate a deep understanding of masculine + feminine energy
  • master healthy communication between the masculine + feminine 
  • master the healthiest and best dating practices on the planet 
  • understand your deepest needs + desires and speak them like a powerful, strong, confident goddess 
  • master feminine energy, manifestation and receiving at the deepest level available to you,
  • and so much more! 


Plus, Lifetime access is included to the content!

Are you ready to become a Flirt?! Are you ready to receive everything your heart desires and more? 

You deserve to have everything your heart desires… You get to tap into the juiciness of the Universe… the abundance of the Universe.. the natural magic that is your birthright. You get to have it all… once you learn how to open up and receive… like a Flirt! 💋



Emyrald 💋


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Flirt - I Don't Chase. I Attract!