Magnetize Payment Plan

Are you ready to MAGNETIZE lasting love into your life?!


> helped Lauren to let go of the need to control everything (including her partner + having kids on her timeline), let go of a relationship that was not right for her, and call in her (now) husband in a matter of weeks! 

> supported Mileidi in blocking her ex, cutting the cords to her past, quit smoking, start loving herself fiercely, trust the universe and call in her (now) husband in a matter of a few months! 

> supported Lacey in moving through deep-seeded body issue programming that told her why she wasn’t good enough and no man would want to be with her to instead open herself up to love … and soon after the program ended she started dating a man at work… a man she is now engaged to be married to!! 

> helped Jen move beyond her stories that she was a Unicorn looking for an impossible match, encouraged her to stop settling for men that were not at her level, and eventually meet the man who IS her match on every single level.

(Years later, they are still happily partnered up!) 


Magnetize includes:

– 12 weeks of live trainings and live hot seat coaching  (24 live calls together)
– 12 fillable workbooks
– guided meditations + hypnosis (of course we are going deep into the subconscious)
– tools and activations designed to get you energetically ready for love
– a community of amazing women (that’s you!)
– and so much more!

In order to guide you (along with a group of amazing women) into the arms of lasting love… the partner who is your perfect complement in every way… the person who ADDS so much to your life… the person that you had yourself wondering why you waited so long to hire a coach, enroll in a course and do the work presented because this human being is just so damn amazing!!!!!!


Magnetize starts in September, 2022 and the full price will be $3000 but you can enroll today and take advantage of early bird pre-sale pricing PLUS instant access to FLIRT!

Flirt will teach you how to open your heart for love so that when you begin with Magnetize you are already ready to magnetize lasting love into your life!

Flirt includes 7 recorded trainings with the opportunity to upgrade to 21 days Voxer support, where we are going to:

  •  create a strong foundation of self love,
  • cultivate a deep understanding of masculine + feminine energy
  • master healthy communication between the masculine + feminine
  • master the healthiest and best dating practices on the planet
  • understand your deepest needs + desires and speak them like a powerful, strong, confident goddess
  • master feminine energy, manifestation and receiving at the deepest level available to you,
  • and so much more!

Plus, Lifetime access is included to the content!

Are you ready to become a Flirt?! Are you ready to receive everything your heart desires and more? Are you ready to magnetize lasting love into your life?! 


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Magnetize Payment Plan

$1,111.00 per month for 3 months