The Treasure Chest

You ready to open The Treasure Chest?!

Includes instant access to a bundle of powerful trainings:

– Irresistible 101

Increase your magnetism and become irresistible to the opposite sex! After learning the content within Irresistible 101, you’ll become a woman who KNOWS her worth, a woman who understands actions, words, and thoughts that are incredibly attractive, and become irresistible to the right types of men.

– Transform Your Money Story

The key to changing your money reality is to change your story around it. Within this powerful course, you’re given the tools to create a new story of wealth and abundance!

– Elevate Your Wealth Vibe

Regardless of where you are at financially, you always have the ability to raise the bar and reach up to a new level of financial abundance! Raise your vibe, ask for more and the Universe responds! 

– Attract Massive Wealth

Money is energy. The key to making more money is to expand your capacity to hold more energy. Money = energy. Learn the key components to attract massive wealth into your life by expanding your ability to receive. 

– Attract + Keep A Conscious Relationship

Become attractive to high-quality men & learn the important skills to keep that relationship going strong for decades!  

– Unlock Your Feminine Magnetism

Soften into your natural feminine essence in order to call in a powerful, masculine man who commands the lead of your heart!

– My Guided Meditation + Hypnosis Library

You know the benefits of meditation and hypnosis when it comes to rewiring your mind for love and abundance!

– My (EFT) Tapping Series for Self-Love, Savings, Debt & Wealth Attraction 

Release stuck emotions, take control of your emotional health and never let fear, doubt or worry control you again when it comes to money! 


Total Value: $1500!

Investment: only $499


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The Treasure Chest